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    Michele Heath

    Yay Candice!! Every Christian is called to care for orphans in some way. Thanks for helping believers find ways to live out the calling God has put on their lives!

    Amy Lauren Scoggin

    I'm not married. In fact, I don't even have any "prospects". However, I have from a very young age had a driving passion to one day adopt children. From the moment I learned about the treatment of baby girls in China (obviously I'm a child of the 80s/90s) I knew that I wanted to be the Mommy to one of those little girls someday.

    I didn't know I would, 15 years after learning about those little girls, do a long-term mission trip in Malawi, Africa, working with orphans. My passion for adoption grew in leaps and bounds to a level I didn't know was possible during that time. It was truly the greatest blessing of my life.

    I was recently told that I would likely never have children. I'm happy to say that, after a brief pity party, I realized that God put the strong desire to adopt in my heart for a reason. He had a plan from the beginning, like He promised. I'm so excited about the future, and I'm enjoying becoming a person who will be a good wife and mother to one-time orphans someday.

    -Amy Scoggin

    Candice Watters

    What an awesome testimony of God's faithfulness and intimate knowledge of our hearts! Thanks for sharing it. Please stay in touch as your story unfolds.


    Adoption advocacy! The only thing that could make this blog better! My fiance and I hope to start our family within the first year and to adopt within the first two or three years.

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